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This Woman Took Up The Job Of A Domestic Helper To Change The Lives Of Her Daughters


At times, we believe that the whole world is living the life similar to ours; they are having same joys, same challenges, and similar difficulties. We comfortably ignore the lives of millions of people who have to fight with the whole world even to get two meals a day.

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5 Survival Strategies For Tech-Based Startups

Technology seems to be the USP of majority of start-ups and they spend hefty amount of time and funds on developing the technology that is unmatched to their competitors. This is one of the way all the start-ups fascinate investors and venture capitalists.

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There Is No Wow In Being An Entrepreneur!

When I was a child, I never knew that I would become an entrepreneur. In fact, I did not even know the meaning of the word until I started my graduation and yes, I remembered the spelling of this big word after several takes. I was only a normal girl having small dreams. When my college was about to finish, I was also in the race of getting a job.

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Entrepreneurship Is Either A Lesson Or A Lifetime Achievement

Since I started my journey of entrepreneurship, I have been asked numerous times why I left my 9-6 (yes, jobs are no longer 9-5) job and opted for something for which I will require to invest at least 14-15 hours daily. 

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The world today is changing , and so is the workforce. Although it might be an exaggeration to say that gender disparity or discrimination has been greatly reduced, but certainly, the winds of change are blowing.

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India is a country with more than 4200 startups and it ranks globally as one of the top startup countries. Every one of us has at least one friend who is into start-ups or is thinking to start one. At times, it makes me wonder if entrepreneurship is such an easy task.

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Recently, I met a friend of mine, I would say an NRI friend. He has been living abroad for more than 3 years now and was having a well-paid job. I talked to him few months back and he was very enthusiastic of doing something for his country. 

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The huge student population of India requires information on their career and education and this ed-tech startup based at Delhi is best positioned to capture the opportunity.  

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Career counselling has proven its effectiveness in helping students get some clarity. Those involved in this profession try their best to resolve the doubts that students face.

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This piece is for all the young ladies out there, who plan to start out on their own or have already joined the start up force. My company started as a ‘one woman’ army; however, we are today a team of ten with a couple of contractors and a business that is growing.

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Harry works at the airport’s ticket counter. It has been years since Harry has been checking the tickets of the passengers who wait in long queues for their turn. On one side, most of these travelers are tired or just too impatient to stand in the long queue. 

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